Macports's buggy configure scripts

Anders F Björklund afb at
Thu May 8 23:25:18 PDT 2008

Shreevatsa R wrote:

> The site doesn't seem to be working, so reporting a bug here:
> The guide says that to install two different MacPorts copies, one must
> use --with-tclpackage. But try this:
> ./configure --prefix=PREFIX1 --with-tclpackage=TCLPREFIX1 && make &&
> make install
> ./configure && make && make install.
> Now go in /opt/local and grep for TCLPREFIX1.
> Sigh.

TCLPREFIX1 is *outside* of PREFIX1, since the MacPorts Tcl files
install outside of the prefix - like its applications/frameworks.
(usually using the defaults of: "/Library/Tcl" and "/opt/local")
I don't think that's such a great idea myself, but that is the
way that the current setup is done. See older list discussions.

> Actually, even installing two different things:
> ./configure --prefix=PREFIX1 --with-tclpackage=TCLPREFIX1 && make &&
> make install
> ./configure --prefix=PREFIX2 --with-tclpackage=TCLPREFIX2 && make &&
> make install
> did not work for me -- installing from the second prefix's binary
> would install it under the first prefix.

Confirmed, the src/Makefile doesn't rebuild the "port" binary
when you configure twice in the same directory. The workaround
for now is to "clean" base before doing the second installation.
(preferably distclean, but "dist" and "distclean" are missing)
Not sure why that doesn't use autoconf, but instead a sed hack.


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