octave-forge tarball format changed

Andrea D'Amore andrea.damore at macports.org
Sun May 11 13:17:50 PDT 2008

octave-forge portfile is pretty outdated, I got latest tarball and  
structure has changed, main tarball hasn't a configure script  
anymore,now it's only a collection of .tar.gz, each of them with its  
own configure script.

What's the more convenient way to manage this?

I basically tought of:
  a system shell cycle that will extract all tarballs and then perform  
  a system shell cycle that will invoke octave "pkg" command to let  
octave manage pkg installation, with a -global option so packages will  
be available to all users;
  an octave cycle that will install each package.

A point to be kept in mind is that packages do have dependencies and  
I'm not sure pkg command can manage them, I tried to install  
optimization using octave in batch mode and it failed, but Tatsuro  
Matsuoka from octave-dev has provided me a list that should be  

Let me know how your toughts about this topic.


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