[36127] trunk/base/doc/macports.conf.in

markd at macports.org markd at macports.org
Tue May 13 10:07:10 PDT 2008

>>> Just use @prefix_expended@ and @x11prefix@ which will get expanded on
>>> install. We already use them at other places in this file.
>> Are you saying that we should move where the binpath setting is set from
>> wherever it is now to macports.conf?  Also, what is @prefix_expended@
>> variable?  I'm not familiar with that.
>Sorry, I typed it wrong. This should have been @prefix_expanded@ with an
>'a' instead of an 'e'.
>This @foo@ notation gets replaced with the real path on ./configure
>using autoconf. For example see the prefix and x11prefix options in the
>same file.
>So binpath could be like this:
>All paths will get replaced automatically.

That makes sense.  I think I misinterpreted Ryan's comment to be also
addressing other (possibly problematic) aspects of the new comments, but I
see that I just overlooked that variables should have been used and that
is probably all he meant by pointing out they were "hard coded".  That was
pretty dumb now I see.  I'll fix it.  Thanks for helping out here, and to
Ryan for noticing. 


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