Commit tickets #15040 #15291

David Evans db.evans at
Wed May 14 17:32:30 PDT 2008

Rainer Müller wrote:
> David Evans wrote:
>>   Upgrade glade 2.12.1 -> 2.12.2
> Committed in r36799.
>>   Upgrade glade3 3.4.3 ->3.4.5
> Committed in r36798.

Thanks, Rainer
>> Note that previously submitted ticket
>> which has not as yet been acted upon is now superseded by #15291 and
>> should be closed out without any further action.
> Closed.
> By the way, why is glade in category gnome, but glade3 in category 
> devel? Shouldn't we move them into the same category?
> Rainer

This is the way I found them but I agree with you.  My personal 
preference would be devel since the application supports GTK+ and
optionally GNOME development and development seems to be moving in the 
direction of more GTK and less GNOME.

What do others think?

By the way, I'm also on the fence about retaining glade (version 2) as
a port at all since glade3 is the active development, glade3 files
are NOT necessarily backwards compatible and the main feature of
version 2 not available in version 3, that of automatically generating 
code, is deprecated in favor of using libglade or GtkBuildable.

Again open to input.


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