arbitration of multiple master_sites

Joshua Root jmr at
Fri May 16 22:56:36 PDT 2008

markd at wrote:
> Question for jmr at .  Is this an accurate description of the fetch behavior
> now?
> -Ping the list of master_sites and sort them based on ping response times


> -Sourceforge, gnu, etc., special mirrors go after sorted url list

No. They get mixed in with the other master_sites and sorted.

> -MacPorts fallback mirrors at the end


> Also, how many mirror types do we have defined?  Sourceforge, gnu, and
> what else?

Lots. They're defined in mirror_sites.tcl, which lives in 
src/port1.0/resources/fetch/ in the source tree, and in 
${prefix}/share/macports/resources/port1.0/fetch/ when installed.

- Josh

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