arbitration of multiple master_sites

markd at markd at
Sun May 18 16:39:23 PDT 2008

>>> So if we had this master_sites keyword in port foo:
>>> master_sites \
>>>      sourceforge \                 (ping resp t9)
>>> \    (ping resp t4)
>>> \  (ping resp t7)
>>>      freebsd                           (ping resp t1)
>> Actually, the mirror lists get expanded first and pinging is then
>> started on all hosts regardless if they come from a mirror list or were
>> directly given in the Portfile. The only exception is the fallback
>> mirror group named "macports", it will always be last.
>Just to be completely clear, 'macports' is an ordinary mirror group like
>any other. The reason it is tried last is that it is listed in a
>separate fallback_mirrors list that is tried after master_sites. If for
>some reason you listed 'macports' in master_sites,
>would be pinged and could potentially sort to any position in the list.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.  It is very clear now.


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