Building python2.5 extensions under MacPorts

Boyd Waters bwaters at
Wed May 28 16:00:51 PDT 2008

I have a Python 2.5.2 port that builds just fine with PyQt4.

I also have one that builds quad-architecture universal (with quad- 
architecture Qt4).

I've only tested it on Leopard, and I'm working on it now with another  
Mac, and testing Tiger as well.

I'll post the port to this list later tonight.

On May 12, 2008, at 7:14 PM, Blair Zajac wrote:

> Robert Liesenfeld wrote:
>> Anyone built any Python extensions, specifically for Python 2.5?   
>> I'm trying to make a py25-pyqt4 port, and i'm running into trouble  
>> with building the extension .so's; they keep getting linked against  
>> the system (i.e. Apple-provided) Python, not the MacPorts Python:
> The python 2.5 provided by MacPorts is not a framework Python, which  
> I'm pretty sure is required by PyQt.
> There's a thread that was started last week about getting Python 2.5  
> to a Framework build.
> Regards,
> Blair
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