Merging to the release_1_6 branch

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Thu May 29 11:12:17 PDT 2008

On May 28, 2008, at 5:27 AM, Rainer Müller wrote:

> If you don't branch, you need a code freeze to avoid other changes  
> happen on trunk which you don't want to have in your release. So,  
> again you need a release engineer to announce code freezes.
> Code freezes make your development slower as you can't implement new  
> stuff as it flows to your mind. While the code is freezed you would  
> have to branch in order to work on something which is not suited for  
> the release for which the code is freezed. In my opinion it is  
> easier to branch a release than do this on-deman branching. Which  
> also means people have to watch where they make their changes etc.

I think this thread has gone on long enough, so let me just respond  
"of course you still need a release engineer, it's just less constant  
work for that engineer" to the first paragraph and "non sequitur" to  
the second.

- Jordan

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