MacPorts AutoBuild

Bryan Blackburn blb at
Sat May 31 14:24:30 PDT 2008

I just finished uploading what I've been working on for the last few  
weeks off and on, my redo of my old DarwinPorts AutoBuild scripts.  See


Right now it builds ports fine in the chroot (though now with 10.5.3 I  
need to rebuild a newer version of my chroot), but does have a few  
limitations.  One is that I've currently only tested it with 10.5 and  
Xcode 3.0.  See the Todo section in the ReadMe.txt file that comes  
with the archive.

I've had it successfully build about 145 ports so far, with several  
failing for various reasons.  It starts to slow down when you are  
dealing when building a port with many dependencies as it will  
uninstall all ports between each build attempt for better cleanroom  
building.  My MBP's HD gets a bit slow when frequently extracting then  
removing thousands of files....

Give it a try if you'd like and reply here or update the wiki page.


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