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markd at macports.org markd at macports.org
Mon Sep 8 09:15:09 PDT 2008

>The instruction to put X11 in the Dock never made much sense to me;
>an application does not need to be in the Dock for me to be able to
>open it.

Isn't it funny how no one complains until a change is made.  Did you not
think of suggesting an improvement for .... what 2 years?  Every part of
the guide that I've done is my best shot with knowledge at the time and if
my knowledge is shallow on that topic, as it is with X11, it is merely a
starting point.  I am always anxious to get better info.
>However, the instruction to open X11 before trying to run an X11 app
>is very necessary on Tiger and earlier, and should do no harm on
>Leopard and later.

So if it makes no sense to launch X11 from the dock for pre-10.5, how do
you advise doing it?
>> -    <para>If you're using Mac OS X 10.3 then you can download the X11
>> -    installer from the Apple <ulink
>> -    url="http://apple.com/support/downloads/
>> x11formacosx.html">download
>> -    page</ulink>.</para>
>I wish you would not remove information about how to install X11 on
>> +    <para>Before launching an X11 application, you must open a
>> terminal window
>> +    and start an xterm session.</para>
>Really? Why? If X11 is open, it shouldn't matter if an xterm is open
>or not.

What we need is less questions and more answers.  How should it be?
>So.... these new instructions are now correct, for all versions of
>Mac OS X?

No, they never have been, and you said anything about it or made
suggestions on it.  Maybe I could from what I've learned in the past 2
days if you'd supplied a suggestion on the best way to launch X11, but you
didn't.  If I knew how to make instructions correct for all versions I
would.  Do you?  Someone has already mentioned that launching x11 was not
necessary on 10.5 and I didn't realize that.

Can I assume that you think having instructions that work on the version
of the OS that is the latest *and has the most users* (right now) is
important?  That's what I think and I have no idea if you agree or not
from your comments.  That is not the only goal, but it is the first one. 
The previous instructions referred to file in a location where it no
longer resides on 10.5, and the editing of which is no longer necessary
and that's a big problem.  The guide's x11 section has not met that goal I
learned just days ago and tried to correct it, yet perhaps you've known it
for at least months and not been concerned, and I can't even tell by your
comments that you are very concerned still.

Throwing out cryptic questions and frequently demands of various sorts to
the doc team may not be any more fruitful than with port or other
developers.  I think Markus used to say "Do you have a patch?"  I'm not
trying to be a jerk, I'm just saying getting good info is hard to find and
that is the problem with the guide, not that I have such different ideas
from you.  I think I could accomadate your concerns well enough, and I'd
love to, if I had enough information.  I'm pretty reasonable on my better
days.  :)


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