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William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Fri Sep 12 13:44:55 PDT 2008

On Sep 12, 2008, at 1:24 PM, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> On Sep 12, 2008, at 4:10 PM, William Siegrist wrote:
>> On Sep 12, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Daniel J. Luke wrote:
>>> On Sep 4, 2008, at 11:28 PM, William Siegrist wrote:
>>>> Someone could provide a mirror that is located in an FTP-friendly  
>>>> network. Or maintainers of FTP-only ports could host them on HTTP  
>>>> long enough for the mirror to get a copy.
>>> Or we could do some sort of ftp->http gateway for the macosforge  
>>> machines (perhaps something as simple as a remote shell on another  
>>> host that could download the file to a temp location that  
>>> available for http).
>>> I have a host we could use, if you're interested.
>> The server just uses the built in mirror command, so that would  
>> have to be modified to check for some sort of FTP_PROXY env  
>> variable. Then your box would proxy from http to ftp?
> My initial thought would be to have the process on the macosforge  
> machine do a remote shell command to get my box to pull the file  
> into an area that I set up to be served via http. Then I would  
> probably cron up something to remove any files there after a few days.
> Alternatively, I could write a CGI (or find one?) that does the ftp  
> fetch and serves up the file via http.

So have the mirror subcommand check for an env var being set that  
tells it that FTP isnt available, and then "curl http://server/fetch?url= 
<url>". We also add your server as a default site the same way  
distfiles.macports.org is, so the mirror server will get this file on  
the next try? A 3 day expiration on distfiles seems reasonable since  
retries happen daily.

You'll probably want this server to limit /fetch to our IP range so  
its not an open proxy. And it might be better to pass the portname  
instead, though that would require your end to get a fresh checkout/ 
update before fetching since this process runs during post-commit. I  
believe the code for this part of the post-commit is in the repo under  

This does seem a bit over-engineered.  I would like to have a way for  
committers to add files to the mirror (via web form), but I need to be  
careful with the security model for that, so I havnt worked out the  
details for it yet.  Maybe we should wait for a simple web form  
instead of doing this relaying or files.


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