Identifying portname in a bug?

William Siegrist wsiegrist at
Fri Sep 12 17:13:45 PDT 2008

On Sep 12, 2008, at 4:28 PM, Jay Levitt wrote:

> William Siegrist wrote:
>> On Sep 12, 2008, at 11:45 AM, Jay Levitt wrote:
>>> 3. Does trac allow an arbitrary validation script to run?  If so,  
>>> we could
>>> check that the portname was, in fact, the name of a valid port.
>> This is already covered by the original Port field ticket, which is  
>> a work in progress:
> Cool.  I should've been clearer about "arbitrary"; I meant as in  
> "Could I contribute something in Ruby, cuz I ain't learned Python  
> yet."  I think Trac plugins can only be Python eggs.  (It's really  
> hard to find discussions ABOUT Trac on Google; you get everyone's  
> Trac site instead.)  Oh well.

Yes, its a little tough, but Trac's Trac is at http:// So this is a good place to start:

Basically, there is a list of component extension points that you can  
implement (like Interfaces or Hooks in other languages).   So a plugin  
can get a chance to run code on every page load, ticket change, wiki  
rendering, whatever.

And yes, its all Python (v2.5 in our case).

Thanks for filing the tickets
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