Command output: Warning: Unknown argument: -AppleLanguages

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Sep 15 04:22:43 PDT 2008

Martin Krischik wrote:

> I try to create some "mdmg" packages but I get the following - rather
> strange message:
> Am I doing something wrong or it it just a warning to ignore?

You don't seem to be doing anything wrong, after all
you were just trying to use it by giving a command...

This workaround warning you can ignore:
> Command output: Warning: Unknown argument: -AppleLanguages
> Warning: Unknown argument: (English)

Just being stupid, as usual.

This fatal error, however, you cannot:
> ERROR: The specified root is invalid: /opt/local/var/macports/build/

The usual cause for this is root being *gone*.

See and do verify that the
directories mentioned actually exist on disk and are not empty ?
If they are missing, then force the destroot on each dependency
and disable the autoclean feature to avoid it happening again.


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