emacs breakage on 10.6

Dan Ports dports at ambulatoryclam.net
Thu Dec 10 15:39:58 PST 2009

On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 07:56:39AM -0500, cssdev at mac.com wrote:
> But how much do those ports actually depend on that specific emacs build? Shouldn't other ports be able to use either emacs or emacs-app-devel? The emacs-app-devel port will load lisp files from ${prefix}.

I think in most (all?) cases the dependency is only that the portfiles
happen to list dependencies on port:emacs rather than some sort of
actual dependency.

Should we have a metaport to act as a dependency for "any version of
emacs"? Currently there's at least emacs, emacs-app, and
emacs-app-devel; I could also see a need for an emacs-devel or perhaps
separate ports for 22 and 23. 

It would also be nice if eventually we could have installed lisp
packages byte-compiled for all installed emacs versions, like Debian's
emacsen does, but that sounds like a much more involved project.


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