[61413] users/ged/sysutils/cfengine3

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Dec 10 17:08:22 PST 2009

On Dec 10, 2009, at 19:00, Michael Granger wrote:

> On 12/10/2009 02:33 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Dec 10, 2009, at 16:13, ged at macports.org wrote:
>>> Revision: 61413
>>>         http://trac.macports.org/changeset/61413
>>> Author:   ged at macports.org
>>> Date:     2009-12-10 14:13:05 -0800 (Thu, 10 Dec 2009)
>>> Log Message:
>>> -----------
>>> Initial work on the cfengine3 port
>> What does that work entail? Your commit message should say what you
>> changed, and (if what you changed is unusual) why.
> What level of detail are you looking for? For instance, this commit was
> for the initial revision of a Portfile for CFengine3 using the
> 'cfengine' one as an example (which I indicated in the log for the copy
> operation), so what additional details would you have expected? Is it
> expected that commits to a users/ directory (which I was given to
> believe was for experimental development) should have the same level of
> detail as commits to a public port? I've seen commits with terse
> messages like 'improve comments', 'rename variables', etc. especially in
> the users/ directory, so I thought I was following the examples of my
> peers fairly closely. I try not to duplicate information that the
> version-control system already provides in a commit message, but I'm
> happy to comply with whatever convention is expected.

Sorry, I hadn't had my coffee yet. I neither saw that this was in your users directory, nor that this was copied from another port and then updated. Please disregard.

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