Combined build and destroot

Dan Ports dports at
Sat Dec 19 01:56:28 PST 2009

I'm working on packaging MacFUSE 2.0 (ref: ticket #18671). This process
is made rather painful by the fact that MacFUSE includes its own
(surprisingly complicated) build script.

One complication is that the script essentially does the build and
destroot phases together (because it's trying to create a .pkg).

The easiest way to get it working would be to patch the build script to
install into ${destpath}. But then it would populate ${destpath} during
the build phase rather than destroot -- how egregious of an offense is
this? (Alternatively we could do both the compilation and installation
during destroot, but that doesn't seem a lot better)

Properly separating the build and destroot phases would require a
fairly intrusive patch to macfuse's build script, which I would like to
avoid. Another option is to have the build phase stage everything
somewhere in ${workpath} and then copy all of its contents directly to
${destpath} during destroot, but that feels a little silly.

Has this come up for other ports? Is there a best practice for dealing
with it?



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