Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Tue Dec 22 10:07:58 PST 2009


I'm building a Portfile for dovecot-sieve and to get the dovecot-sieve  
command line tools I also need to download the dovecot sources.

How do I add an additional download to my Portfile so the sources end  
up in the work directory?

Also, I'd prefer to grab the same version that 'port download dovecot'  
would download. In my situation I'm building a newer version of  
dovecot then is in MacPorts.

So this is what the work dir would look like:


and dovecot-sieve configure args would be:

./configure --with-dovecot=${workpath}/dovecot-1.2.9/

So from the configure line you see I either need to know the full  
dovecot version or need to extract it to:


Any tips on doing this would be groovy.


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