gEDA on MacPorts

Mark Anderson emer at
Tue Dec 29 11:26:37 PST 2009

That should probably be bumped to 20091103?  Submit a ticket on the
website ( ) asking for an upgrade.

I have a patch that might work, but Adam is the maintainer, so he'll
have to approve the changes.


On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 2:02 PM, Donald Tillman <don at> wrote:
> [try again, 'goofed an email address]
> Gents,
> I understand you guys are maintaining the geda-gaf and pcb ports on
> MacPorts.
> I'm trying to set up and run gEDA (Mac PowerBook Pro, MAC OS X 1.5.8)
> and design some boards.  Fink has failed me, and so I'm trying to get
> the MacPorts version running.  (Specifically, Fink only has very old
> releases in binary form: gschem version 20071231, pcb version
> 20060822.  And Fink errors out with something incomprensible
> attempting to compile more modern versions.)
> I need a modern version of gschem because I need to use the path
> feature in the symbol files.  And I need a modern version of pcb
> because the version of gsch2pcb that I'm using generates files that
> are not compatible with pcb 20060822.
> So I'm looking to MacPorts.  MacPorts geda-gaf gives me a modern
> version of gschem, 20091004.  And that seems to work well.  But for
> some reason pcb isn't included in that package.  I discover that
> MacPorts pcb is a separate package, I try that, but it's pcb is only
> at version 20060321.
> So can you help?  How can I get a modern version of pcb?
> Thanks much.
>  -- Don
> --
> Don Tillman
> Palo Alto, California
> don at

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