help with portfile for qt4-x11 4.5.2

Sam King kingst at
Fri Jul 3 07:38:29 PDT 2009


I have been working on a Portfile for qt4-x11 4.5.2 and I have run into 
some problems.  I am able to compile and install the library, but when I 
launch any qt applications none of the fonts work properly.  They all 
show up as squares instead of characters, and some applications, like 
qtdemo-x11, end up creating directories in the current directory I am 
in, and the directory names use a unicode character set (perhaps 
Japanese or a Chinese language).

I tried changing to a few random fonts using qtconfig (I am not sure 
which fonts I chose though since the names were spelled out using 
squares), but it did not help.

I attached my current Portfile, it is based of the qt4-x11 4.4.3 
portfile with a few tweaks.  Note: qt4-x11 4.4.3 works fine on my system.



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