GSoC: Mid-term evaluations this week

Rainer Müller raimue at
Sun Jul 5 16:17:48 PDT 2009

Hi Dmitry and Juan,

you have been working now for about 5 weeks on MacPorts code. Now the
mid-term evaluation of your work will happen from 6th to 13th July.

All your new code is only visible to those who have been following the
branches in Subversion. It would be nice if you could give a quick
overview over your project.

What you have done so far?
What is already working and how can it be tested?
What problems did you encounter?
How much time you are behind or ahead in your own roadmap?
What do you plan to do next?

I would like to see that on macports-dev to bring your topics to a
broader audience and get you more involved on the mailing list. Your
reply does not have to be too formal. And of course others should feel
free to ask further questions if interested.

Looking forward to your answers,

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