Impact of building using screen Unix utility

Kristofer Henriksson kthenriksson at
Fri Jul 10 12:21:28 PDT 2009

That's odd, because I've never had a problem using Terminal's
scrollback at the same time as using screen.

At any rate, screen's scrollback can be accessed with "ctrl-a [", and
then use arrow keys or vi keys to move around. Push "q" when you want
to stop.

(Sorry for the double reply Ryan, I forgot to Reply-all the first time.)

2009/7/10 Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:
> On Jul 10, 2009, at 02:57, Jean-Michel Pouré wrote:
>> Building packages takes some time as I am using a G4. So I connect using
>> SSH, start a new screen session (screen is the Unix executable). Screen
>> is configured with the same variables $PATH and bash.
>> Can screen impact on the quality of the build and create compilation
>> errors?
> I sometimes use "screen" to build ports on my systems. I see no reason why
> it would affect the build. It only annoys me by making the Terminal's
> scrollback buffer useless. (Is there a way to scroll up within screen?)
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