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Bryan Blackburn blb at macports.org
Mon Jul 13 19:46:08 PDT 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 06:55:23PM -0700, Scott Haneda said:
> ASSP comes with for example, a greylist.txt file, in it will be a
> list of hosts that are to be excluded from greylisting.  There are
> many other files that are like this, that is one example.  This file
> is also assumed to be edited by the end user, either by hand, or via
> the web admin that assp.pl provides.

If this file (and others like it) are basically config files, you'll want to
make sure to properly handle them; see the config files entry on the
PortfileRecipes page:


> ASSP will create log files, I know that an port upgrade assp will
> leave those alone, I believe even an uninstall will leave those
> alone.  But what is the procedure for upgrades?  I would not want
> greylist.txt touched.

If log files aren't registered as part of the port install (which they
usually aren't), then they shouldn't go away on uninstall.  If you need a
port-specific subdirectory of ${prefix}/var/log, then you need to create
that directory and use destroot.keepdirs so that it is kept around (see the
portfile(7) man page).

> What happens if there is an introduction of a new file, that will
> need to be copied in place?  What happens if there is an introduction
> of a existing file that needs to be over-written?

Upgrade basically just deactivates the port at the current version, then
activates the new version.  So you'll want to make sure the port is complete
at every version then not worry about anything else, save for the config and
log file bits mentioned above.


> I am looking for suggestions on how to best make this a solid and
> stable process for users of this port file.
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