memtester port

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Tue Jul 14 12:43:11 PDT 2009

>> Where am I getting tripped up on this one?
> You need to add `use_configure no`

Ok, done

Looks like this was called from the makefile:
mkdir -m 755 -p /usr/local/{bin,man/man8}
install -m 755 memtester /usr/local/bin/
gzip -c memtester.8 >memtester.8.gz ; install -m 644 memtester.8.gz / 

That probably was not good?

>> Do I need destroot to also install the binary and the man pages, or  
>> does that happen as part of make install?  Could this be that make  
>> is not able to understand the prefix?
> You might consider patching the Makefile's install portion, or  
> you'll find yourself using xinstall lines to do the installation  
> 'manually' in the portfile.

My plan was to infact xinstal the files, but I am open to learning how  
to patch the makefile.

In this one, do I need to just reinplace
INSTALLPATH	= /usr/local

Here is the makefile

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