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Juan Germán Castañeda Echevarria juanger at
Fri Jul 17 14:25:34 PDT 2009

> The macports API could do with a proc that just returns the list of all
> ports in the index, which should be faster than using mportsearch to do
> the same thing. The other place where a lot of time is probably being
> spent is registry::installed. Unfortunately the flat-file registry has
> performance issues that can't be addressed without switching to a new
> format (i.e. registry2.0).
> Make sure you profile and find out for certain where you should be
> focusing your optimisation efforts.

> - Josh

In fact, I also want to add more helper functions to the macports API which
are now implemented in a separate tcl file inside the MacPorts framework and
since neither I nor my mentor know too much of Tcl or the MacPorts base
source code I was wondering If any other mentor will be willing to review my
tcl code.

I think the time is being spent in registry::installed because I meaured the
time in my computer and it takes 4 seconds in a new installation (with 7
ports) and 7 seconds in my installation in which I have 130 ports installed.
Can anyone tell me how much it takes in his installations?

Thanks for your comments Josh!

Ash Mac durbatulûk, ash Mac gimbatul, ash Mac thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi
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