Allowing more non-maintainer updates

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Jul 23 07:24:37 PDT 2009

On 2009-7-23 06:57, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> The Non-Maintainer Port Updates section of the guide lists conditions
> when we may update ports that have a maintainer:
> The existing conditions are:
> * The maintainer does not respond within 72 hours
> * A port is abandoned by its current maintainer
> * A critical port is broken that affects many users
> There are some conditions I would like to add to these:

Maintainership was never meant to stop other people from fixing things,
so we should indeed make this clear in the docs. All the things you list
are valid reasons for others to fix a port. However, I would tend to
agree with Bryan that perhaps amending the third bullet point above to
"A port is obviously broken" might be more succinct.

- Josh

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