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Thu Jul 23 14:37:06 PDT 2009

If he's worried about bandwidth from people pulling a page of HTML (no  
images, no scripts, no css files) then he's got a lot more problems  
than MacPorts users visiting his site.

On Jul 23, 2009, at 3:43 PM, Scott Haneda wrote:

> Hello, I worked on the memtest port a while back.  I was talking  
> with the author the other day and after he saw the port, he notices  
> the livecheck option.
> His concern was that of course, it downloads the entire page, and  
> uses regex to parse out the important bits.  He was willing to  
> create a current-version.txt file that he maintains, as he was  
> worried about bandwidth.
> I see this as a semi valid concern.  But I also do not see it as a  
> lot different than a user going to a Web site and manually checking  
> the version in a browser.
> What are fellow port developers opinions on this matter?  I am not  
> aware of any scheduled and routine hits that live check is going to  
> make, it is a on user demand feature.
> If I have this incorrect, please let me know, as I do feel it is  
> important to play nice to the developers of software for which ports  
> are made.

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