suggestion: split rb-gnome into rb-glib2, rb-pango, ...

kimura wataru kimuraw at
Mon Jul 27 22:40:48 PDT 2009


port:rb-gnome contains many ruby libraries and its dependencies 
are so many. I think that is not convenient such as install 
gnome-session to use ruby/gtk2.
I'm planning to split rb-gnome into each library (like rb-glib2, rb-pango, ...).

This port tree contains the following 20 ports.
  rb-glib2, rb-atk, rb-pango, rb-gtk2, rb-gconf, rb-libgnome,
  rb-gnomecanvas, rb-gnomeprint, rb-gnomeprintui, rb-gnomevfs,
  rb-gtkhtml, rb-gtkglext, rb-libart, rb-libglade2, rb-rsvg,
  rb-poppler, rb-vte, rb-gstreamer, rb-gtksourceview2, rb-gnome-panel

I have two questions.

(1) port:rb-gnome is nomaintainer. who allows me to split the port?

(2) in my plan, port:rb-gnome becomes a meta port like port:gnustep.
    (rename rb-gnome-all of my personal port to rb-gnome)
    How about this?

kimura wataru

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