Snow Leopard +universal necessity

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Wed Sep 2 08:44:29 PDT 2009

>> Sounds reasonable, however I wonder if this is a temporary issue  
>> that impacts a handful of ports.  Do you know if there are many  
>> projects apart from wine that need 32-bit?
>> I'd say that, if it does impact several ports to go for it.  If  
>> it's only wine or one or two other ports, I'd leave things as they  
>> are and post it as a known bug.
> I guess there are several ports that will not work 64-bit, we just  
> haven't come across them yet. I imagine a lot of the bugs currently  
> classified as Snow Leopard-related issues are in fact 64-bit- 
> related. So far I see the following ports forcing themselves to 32- 
> bit builds:
> bochs
> synergy
> wine
> wine-crossover-games
> wine-devel

These also have inline-asm and need to be 32bit, but I haven't added  
the build_arch-fu to them yet:

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