TeX (texlive) port status?

Dan Ports dports at ambulatoryclam.net
Thu Sep 3 19:35:36 PDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 01:32:42PM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Because we want to allow MacTeX installed outside of MacPorts to  
> satisfy the dependency. This is an exception to the usual rule,  
> because TeX is hard to build and the MacPorts TeX ports tend to lag  
> far behind TeX releases. And I'm told by those who use TeX that MacTeX  
> is pretty good.

 On that note, what is the state of the MacPorts TeX ports? Are there
major open issues? (If this question has already been beaten to death,
apologies; I only started reading this list a couple weeks ago.
Pointers to other threads or tickets are appreciated.)

 I'm a pretty heavy TeX user (what academic isn't?) and, all other
things being equal, I'd prefer to stick to texlive for compatibility
with my Linux/BSD systems that use it. I haven't run into any problems
with the ports yet, though I only recently started using them and
haven't done much serious tex hacking yet.

 I'd be happy to work on this a bit, although obviously how much would
depend on what needs to be done and what my calendar looks like for the
next couple months.


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