Interesting survey on Snow Leopard package managers

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Mon Sep 14 14:28:32 PDT 2009

> I don't think you're understanding me at all. If a project updates its
> config.guess and things work fine with the new output, that's fine.
> However, changing MacPorts base would have many unexpected effects
> that we'd be better off avoiding.
> Furthermore, I can say with a straight face that's it's ok for
> config.guess to return whatever it wants, because it usually makes no
> difference. It does for some ports, but not for most.

It sounds like the change does nothing more than allow for 64bit to be  
built correctly on the 32bit kernel of SL.

Is that a good summary for what's going on?

Also, Jack, do you have time to meet sometime?  I'm over at CCHMC  
usually and would like to get a better understanding if I'm not  
reflecting it in the above summary :-)

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