How to find out how often a port file has been downloaded?

Marko Käning mk-lists at
Sun Apr 18 11:13:07 PDT 2010

> This could be very valuable, if it was determined that what most think is an obscure port was heavily used, it could be looked at more closely, and perhaps made as perfect as could be as far as ease of install, up to date'ness etc.
Yep ...

> My gut tells me Apache, php, and MySql are at the top, but who knows, that could be completely wrong.
Who knows...

> * Maybe it would be possible to log install failures as well, if a port is seen as failing in high percentages, and the stats were of course public, someone could then preemptively look at the port and possibly fix it before the problem even hits the mailing lists or bug tracker.

I see that I hit a nerve with this post. :)

But well, if there is no support build into port at the moment I guess this might be quite a task...

But I figure it might be worth the effort, because it would really be a good guide for MacPorts' maintainers and admins.

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