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Matthias Rampke matthias.rampke at
Fri Apr 23 16:38:39 PDT 2010

To elaborate on that …

On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 01:24, Daniel J. Luke <dluke at> wrote:
> Possible, but not really useful. The list is already tagged with a List-Id header you can use for filtering.
> If you really want it, you can probably add it locally (or procmail+formail for instance). Match on List-Id and then munge the subject header yourself ;-)

Yeah, right, exactly *not* what I want to have to do. I might as well
just add a "Mark as read and Archive" GMail filter … no.

To me, this is not about filtering, it's about knowing at a glance
what a mail is about. I have a single stream of incoming mail from
various sources, some with more traffic, some with less. All of the
mailinglists (most, but not all of them non-software-related) provide
such a tag, except for this one.

Consider the following hypothetical inbox excerpt:

Compiling trunk doesn't work on Mac OS X
[macports-dev] Compiling trunk doesn't work on Mac OS X
[netbsd-dev] Compiling trunk doesn't work on Mac OS X
[abiword-dev] Compiling trunk doesn't work on Mac OS X

In many cases, Subject lines are not meaningful without this piece of
context, and in almost all cases it takes at least two or three
readings to make out where it belongs.

I don't think it's wise to suppose that each and every one on a
MacPorts development mailing list have their own custom mail setup and
have the will and knowledge to hand-maintain filtering mechanisms for
everything. [tag]s seem to be a pretty spread convention serving a
wide range of use.

That's why I asked.

   Matthias Rampke

    +49 179 - 166 09 18

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