perl and perl module collide

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Dec 6 15:10:24 PST 2010

On 2010-12-7 03:57 , Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Dec 6, 2010, at 11:51 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> Of course, we should probably deprecate perl 5.8 ...
>> Our entire p5 ports tree is pretty much only tested with perl5.8, isn't it?
> I haven't audited every port, but I've been using 5.10 almost since we first had a port for it with no problems. I'll be switching to 5.12 on all of my boxes pretty soon too.
> Almost all of the p5 ports I've looked at don't have to do any special patching and just work with whatever perl you have installed.

The plan is also to switch the default to 5.12 at some point. The basic
change itself is simple, it's juts a matter of swapping which variant is
default in perl5. The followup of rev bumping every module which has
compiled code (or more realistically just every module), and then
running damage control for the stuff which does break, is more of a pain.

- Josh

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