macports-dev Digest, Vol 52, Issue 20

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sat Dec 18 13:44:39 PST 2010

Ryan Stonecipher wrote:

>> Anders,

Who, me ?

>> Could you please give an example of py2#-foo ports converted to /
>> replaced_by a single, unified port? I would love to do that with
>> py2*-gst-python rather than creating a new py27-gst-python as proposed
>> in a ticket I have been assigned.

The python modules unfortunately *need* one port per python version.

Other ports systems (BSD) can build several binary packages from one
source version (i.e. py-foo can build py25-foo, py26-foo, py27-foo)
but in MacPorts you have to make one explicit source port for each...

The previous discussion was not for python modules, though. It was
for programs using python, and those need variants for each version.
This is because MacPorts doesn't have a (single) "python" binary.

It would be easier if there was only one python (and ruby) around...


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