Performance issue?!

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at
Thu Dec 23 08:14:31 PST 2010

OK, I have given a lot of data comparing my MacOSX against the virtual Linux - i.e. using the same hardware.

Now, my 1year old iMac has a 3 GHz Dual Core.

Let's compare this with my 1.5 years old cheap ASUS laptop. It is Dual Core T4200 at 2.2 GHz, i.e. definitely slower than my iMac.
BUT, the aqbanking would run still 2 times slower on the iMac.
This insight was a real shock to me the other day. :-(
I'd never have expected that.

Wondering how I could investigate the bottleneck further.
Looks like I have to have a look at Instruments and related stuff.
But, I need something also present on Linux to be able to have comparable measurements…

Anyway, I brought this to everyone's attention, since I wanted to find out whether anybody else has done some performance comparisons already.
I'm eager to hear about you guy's experiences here!

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