Obsolete TeX ports

Dan Ports dports at macports.org
Mon Dec 27 18:11:47 PST 2010

We have a number of ports that install CTAN packages for TeX, which
means they're also in TeX Live and thus also available in one of the
texlive-* ports. Many of these ports are marked nomaintainer, have
obsolete versions, or both. Probably they date back to the teTeX era.

It's obviously confusing and undesirable to have such obsolete ports
around (if they even work). Some examples that have come up recently
are revtex (#27709) and tex-mh (#27795). It looks like most of the
tex-* ports fall into this category too.

I'm inclined to go through these and mark the abandoned ones as
replaced_by the appropriate texlive port. This would ensure we'd have a
reasonably up-to-date version. Are there any objections to this?

We'd lose the ability to install these packages separately, or to
update their versions, but if they're so outdated that doesn't matter
much. We also wouldn't be able to install them with other tex
distributions like teTeX or pTeX. teTeX is sufficiently obsolete itself
that we probably shouldn't expend any effort worrying about it, but
pTeX is still used. Not sure if this will be an issue for ptex users?
(Incidentally, pTeX itself is also available in texlive, with the
texlive-lang-cjk port, but I haven't tried it myself.)

If anyone knows of any tex ports that I definitely should or should not
remove, please let me know!


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