Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Wed Dec 29 08:52:20 PST 2010

It looks like KDE 4.6 is going to be an interestingly rocky start. So far, I've got a handful of tickets still open with them (missing includes, templates being wrong, namespace issues).

For now, these are building successfully (4.5.90 == 4.6rc1):
  kdebase4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdebase4-runtime @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdegraphics4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdelibs4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdemultimedia4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdepimlibs4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdesdk4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdetoys4 @4.5.90_0 (active)
  kdeutils4 @4.5.90_0 (active)

If there is anyone interested in actually testing these packages please send me an email. I'll send the batch of Portfiles to try out.

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