Procedure to print notes

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Feb 4 17:49:37 PST 2010

I want to use the notes feature in the minivmac port. But I want to be able to output the notes in the pre-fetch phase and abort if the user doesn't have the ROM files installed yet; the port currently uses ui_msg to accomplish this. I discovered I can print the notes like this:

ui_msg ${portnotes}

but it's not wrapped nicely. I was expecting to find a procedure I could call that would just print the notes correctly formatted, but instead I found that the code to format the notes is implemented independently and in different ways in action_notes in src/port/port.tcl and in portactivate::activate_main in src/port1.0/portactivate.tcl. Can this be consolidated into a single public function that ports can call when needed? Or is there another mechanism already in place that I've missed?

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