pkg and mpkg

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Feb 8 12:04:57 PST 2010

On 2010-2-8 19:21 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Support for building with different SDKs was removed from MacPorts in 1.8.0 because it worked for only a small handful of ports, was more trouble than it was worth, and is not the way we intend users to use MacPorts. (We intend users to install MacPorts and build ports on the same computer that the software will ultimately be used on.)

I disagree with that last point. There is a ticket open for doing cross
compilation support right:

There's no question that it never worked right before, and that it
should never have been mixed in with the universal support.

While it's not something that users installing ports to use on their
machine should ever use, it would be very useful for people wanting to
use MacPorts to build binaries of their software for distribution, for

- Josh

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