TexLive 2009 plans Re: [MacPorts] #16492: UPDATE: TexLive 2007 to newer version

Emmanuel Hainry milosh at macports.org
Thu Feb 18 00:11:53 PST 2010

Citando Jeremy Lavergne :
> Your proposal sounds reasonable to me; that is a very similar approach to what Ubuntu (debian) takes, and I think it works fine.
> I really wish texlive would do what miktex does and use a package manager for each individual package. but oh well. Their collections make pretty good sense as divisions.

texlive does provide its own package manager (tlmgr). Naturally, it is
disabled by debian and friends. As it should by macports: we don't want
things to install or update in $prefix without port knowing it.

This proposal is perfectly reasonable. I am not totally convinced by
debian's approach: it can be difficult to understand what to install to
make a specific document compile (installing texlive-context to have
metapost is (was) strange). It is far better than a port for each ctan
package (nice granularity but I don't want to spend my whole life
installing new ports when I want to use a specific symbol, draw a
diagram...). I liked the full/minimal approach (I did not create it,
just followed happily Edd Barrett's openBSD port) which made things
simple both for the user and for the maintainer.

Best of luck,

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