[63254] trunk/dports/editors/vim/Portfile

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Thu Feb 18 13:28:27 PST 2010

On 2010-02-18 02:41 , Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> ~  $ sudo port -v install vim Error: vim: Variant x11 conflicts with
> gtk2 Error: Unable to open port: Error evaluating variants To report
> a bug, see <http://guide.macports.org/#project.tickets>
> Uhm... making +x11 and +gtk2 conflict is a bad idea considering that
> +x11 IS a variant in the gtk2 port... so many people (dare I say
> MOST) that want +gtk2 are likely also +x11 ...

I didn't think about that yet. I assume you have +x11 in your
variants.conf and therefore ran into the issue? Otherwise this shouldn't
conflict as they are variants on different ports.

> so this should really be handled a different way.
> What is the point of the "+x11" version?  What does it actually do
> with X11?  Is it just the clipboard sharing or something?  I think
> this is a variant that is best punted... maybe just call the variant
> "no_gui" or something like that.

Yes, vim connects to the X server to provide access to the primary and
clipboard paste buffers. It is a non-default variant as it requires X to
be running (or causes it to launch) every time you run vim.

The +gtk2 and other GUI variants already enable this behavior (as they
need X11 anyway), which is why I marked them conflicting. Maybe we could
rename it to +x11_clipboard, but +no_gui would be quite misleading.


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