build mulitple downloads in one Portfile

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Fri Feb 26 15:40:43 PST 2010

I am working through the process of building and installing three  
different source downloads in one Portfile.

For now I'm using post-extract, post-patch, post-build and post- 
destroot to manually configure, build and install
these two additional source downloads.

I've read what information I have found about tagging multiple  

Ideally I think port should be compiling all three of these sources  
since I'm probably loosing some of the env setup that ports does so  

So here are my questions:

1. How would I use different configure args for each source build?

2. How do I have port apply a patch to one source and not all?

3. How do I get port to move into each source dir and patch,  
configure, build and destroot?

Bradley Giesbrecht

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