Need help with libtool

dreamcat four dreamcat4 at
Sun Feb 28 07:13:57 PST 2010

A system version might get included first from the standard library paths, sure.

There is "$sys_lib_search_path_spec" which is set by the macro
"AC_LIBTOOL_SYS_DYNAMIC_LINKER" and determines the system libraries
search paths. Macro is declared in libtool/autoconf.

Try patching your and The way I would do it,
set the newer library as its fully specified path, (and not just
"libnco). But it sounds like you've already found how to do that.

As the other guy says, must then regenerate the configure script from
the patched *Don't* patch on top of configure or directly. So thats why you should add these to your

>> use_autoreconf yes
>> autoreconf.args -fvi

Otherwise patching the will be useless.

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