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Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Fri Jan 1 20:31:05 PST 2010

> This is not a good way to address this problem. What about 32-bit builds on Snow Leopard -- for 32-bit CPUs, or for people selecting i386 build_arch in macports.conf? What about 64-bit builds on Leopard? What about the OS that comes after Snow Leopard? Instead, you should inspect the configure.build_arch variable and enable 64-bit if the build_arch requests it. Note this is only good for non-universal builds. For universal builds, you need to instead inspect configure.universal_archs. Actually, you probably want to use the muniversal portgroup so that you can pass --enable-apple-64bit to the 64-bit builds and not pass it to the 32-bit builds. There are some example ports that do this kind of thing.

Try some sort of it not universal and if not configure.build_arch ppc/386 ... then do 64-bit else fail build.

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