2010 the year for package builds? [was Re: Is it time to start regression testing yet?]

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Mon Jan 4 01:00:54 PST 2010

Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:

> Hey, that's life - things change!   Thanks for being honest about  
> it, in any case, since I think that leaves the door open for any  
> volunteer(s) who still want to see package building / regression  
> testing sometime in the future.   Anyone out there interested?

How does it make it from the destroot building, to the supposed  
"package" (whatever that means here) ? Regression testing and build  
logs are nice either way, but rather far from MacPorts providing  
binary packages.

I'm assuming that this is only about the archives, since there's no  
apparent interest in including a package manager (such as rpm, or  
even installer) with MacPorts. Didn't hear anything on "xpkg"* either...

* xpkg is a simplistic xar/xml archive, instead of the xar versions  
of .rpm (rpm5) or .pkg (flat) packages
   "port archive" can make those with a portarchivetype of xpkg  
(included since a year ago, in MacPorts 1.8.0)

> The Mayans supposedly predicted that the world is going to end in  
> 2012, so there isn't a lot of time left... ;-)

I thought that was the Emmerichs ? But there's still Y2K38...


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