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Wed Jan 6 10:33:12 PST 2010

I posted a little MAMP tutorial the other day.  While I think it is valuable to the end user, I also think it is not going to be received well by MP in general, as they are going to want to follow a stricter set of steps than the direction I went in.  I took a lot of liberties just to get it all working.

I want to start in a different way, which would be to write new data for each respective port, which in the end, could be chained together to provide a user with the steps needed to get MAMP up and running.

So I will start with MySql, which in my opinion, is one of the harder ones to get running on MacPorts.  This is because MacPorts sort of stops at the install part.  It does a fine job at that.  However, there are ui messages that ask the user to do things that either do not work, are pointing to files I can not find, or in general, cause confusion.

Before I outline those issues, I wanted to bring up the very first thing I was thinking.

Why is there a mysql plain and mysql server version? 
This seems to come up often enough that it is worth discussion.

The only difference I see is the startup item, is that correct?  If that is the case, I do not see any reason why the port is not just "mysql5".  It would install the launchd or startup item, and be in a disabled state.

The user gets mysql, if they want to turn it into a server, they can run one command to do so.  This could be a ui message.  I do not think that having one extra small file on the system is a huge deal, for removing a good deal of confusion.  How many times has someone posted that they just installed mysql, to learn they need to go back and install mysql5-server?

Is this a way off base suggestion?  It seems so much simpler, just merge the two ports into one, if a user wants it to be a server, run the single command to enable the startup of it.
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