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Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org
Sun Dec 11 16:40:12 PST 2011

> The signing-party port contains some software licensed under BSD, some
> licensed under GPL-2 and some under GPL-2 or any later version. I think
> this representation is closest to reality, as you can't just distribute
> the whole package under the terms of GPL-3 (which would be possible if I
> didn't list GPL-2 explicitly).
> So, if any correction should be made, I'd suggest removing GPL-2+,
> rather than GPL-2. Does having all three of them cause any problems?

I'd agree with your logic here: there are some pieces that can be GPL-3 but not all. And those same pieces can't be GPL-2+ (in the 2.X sense).

It would best to use just GPL-2 here unless you knew somehow (separate license file, something on their site indicated, etc) that they meant GPL-2+ and they've simply not modified all their sources files to match yet.

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