Finished reduce-algebra portfile

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Dec 18 00:03:45 PST 2011

On Dec 18, 2011, at 00:06, Mark Brethen wrote:

> I've finished the portfile (listed below) which installs the PSL version of reduce. The contents of the build are copied to ${prefix}/libexec/reduce-algebra.

Cool, thanks. I attached it to your ticket:

I also attached a revised version of the Portfile; my changes are described in the ticket.

> According to the readme, you should put ${prefix}/libexec/reduce-algebra/bin in your PATH, since the scripts therein rely on paths relative to the place where they themselves live. I tried placing a symlink of the redpsl script in ${prefix}/bin but it did not work. Although it seems to be a wrapper script, I haven't attempted to rewrite it.

I have an idea about this but maybe let's commit what you've done so far, that way everything we change from here on will be recorded in the repository history with commit messages that explain why.

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