Modified Portfile for Octave 3.5.90 attached

Michael Dickens michaelld at
Mon Dec 19 05:54:52 PST 2011

OK; I think we're on to a solution now!

I haven't used SVN seriously for a long time (GIT now for years) ... can someone create a branch from the master / trunk that we all have R/W access to for handling this change-over & then tell me (us) how to get access to it?  That way we can keep all of the work in one place & easily accessible for everyone to edit and/or test.

We do:

1) current octave -> move to octave32
2) current octave-devel (3.4.Y) -> move to octave
3) update octave-devel to 3.5.90 (and then 3.6.X once that comes out)
4) current octave-FOO packages -> move to octave32-FOO
5) for now: octave-FOO replaced_by octave32-FOO

and then, after a while (1 month?) -- to give current octave (3.2) users a chance to move to using the new octave32 port & packages:

6) update octave-FOO packages for new octave (3.4.Y), removing the "replaced_by".  Maybe Nicolas can do this in a separate branch, so that we can merge (1-5) above first, and then have this one ready for a month later.

Sound good? - MLD

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