Need someone to check the new Portfile

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Dec 21 01:38:02 PST 2011

On Dec 21, 2011, at 03:16, 에센 사그노브 wrote:

> In fact, my first trial was ${destroot}${prefix}/bin. However, the result would be incorrect symlink, i.e. it would link to ${portbuildpath}/work/destroot/opt/local...., which is obviously not what I want. Moreover, after port installation the build directory is auto cleaned. So, nothing is there to link to. Thus, I changed to directly point to prefix.
> How should I use ${destroot} and have valid symlink?

Also, since this is an app, it goes in ${applications_dir}, not ${prefix}/bin. ${prefix}/bin is for binaries people execute from the command line; ${applications_dir} is for apps people execute by double-clicking in the Finder.

ln -s ${prefix}/libexec/${name}/${name}.app ${destroot}${applications_dir}/${name}.app

> My initial destination was ${prefix}/lib/${name}. Then I looked through all existing apps in other dirs and though /etc was a better choice. Would /lib be an acceptable location?

${prefix}/libexec/${name} is the typical location we use for executable files the user won't access directly (they'll directly access the symlink instead). This is still assuming that the other files in this directory are essential to the app's functioning, and that they must be in the same directory as the app. If either of those are not true, then the app should be directly installed in ${destroot}${applications_dir}.

Another matter is that you set supported_archs to noarch; that's unlikely, since this is an application. Set supported_archs to the architectures for which the app is actually built. If it's universal, also set configure.universal_archs to the same values, and ensure an empty universal variant exists and is always selected (using default_variants). Otherwise, if it's not universal, disable the universal variant.

Even better than all of the above: can you build it from source instead of installing a binary? The source appears to be available here:

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